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A little about me

I do this podcast because I want to share with people a little bit of what I like and make me happy, because I know that music and imagination have the immense power to transport us and guide us to unexpected places and I find it fascinating to use these two resources that, Combined with the passion of trying new flavors in the kitchen, discovering new and interesting things and having a meeting point, it connects in a very special way thousands of people in this wide universe.

In a very close and personal way, my life has always been accompanied by hearing impairment and that is why my heart finds a close and deep relationship, especially with children who unfortunately cannot listen and in a certain way also brings me closer to people who cannot. see- the lack of those senses has made me understand that the power of creating images in our mind and feeling music differently is possible and with this podcast I want to give something in return to those wonderful people who, lacking a sense, use in a shocking way the rest of those who have and show us every day that everything is possible.

In addition, I know that these types of spaces are not easily found and that motivates me to explore new resources for all of them and be part of a community that helps and cares for the other no matter what else. Enjoying and helping is what gives us a powerful reason to live and learn about new topics allows us to have an open mind and thus understand a little more about the world in which we live.

I am Yael Yancelson, since I was a child I have played with my imagination, dance and music, which has undoubtedly been an infallible companion in every stage of my life. I found from an early age that the radio transported me in a wonderfully powerful way to travel with the power of imagination and that is why this inner child leads me again to enjoy this superpower that all human beings have, understanding, sharing and accepting us. Using new technologies and discovering new horizons, this space was born from the heart of an optimistic and unstoppable dreamer and music lover.


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