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South Africa

The Turkana Tribe

Traveling to Africa is the dream of many, knowing and understanding different tribes and rituals is what makes this trip very special.

episode transcription

Hello, what a pleasure to greet you, I am Yael Yancelson and I am very excited to be your guide and companion in this magical journey through the senses and imagination.

Last Monday it seemed that time had stopped, although it was a day like any other in southern Kenya, Marawet this 7-year-old girl from the Turkana tribe, a beautiful tan complexion and black eyes so deep that she let us see her soul. She was walking barefoot through the village around a small, almost dry river, the heat is really unbearable, although it seems that Marawet is not affected as she comes running to the house of the next bride, where the women of the town that adorn their necks with numerous necklaces of bright colors like red, yellow, black, orange and those who are married also wear a brass one. Necklaces are an essential part of their daily life to express their affiliation to the tribe, their age, marital status and wealth. Widowed women always wear white balls, thus identifying themselves from the rest. The passage of age, change of status or social group is linked to modifications of the adornment of the body. Everyone in the small and arid village works hard to put a round roof, as is the tradition in this tribe, of fresh herbs and straw in the dome of their new hut to the day of the long-awaited wedding. Marawet’s father is arriving with his cattle and his spear full of blood red reveals the goat that they have just killed to make the stew for the ceremony, his mother, one of the 6 wives his father has, wears crimson cloth, a part it is folded around the waist and the other covers the upper part, the leather is covered with ostrich egg pearls. 

¿What do you think about the tradition of having several wife’s? Here in México it’s not common, but I would like to know your opinion.

The girl has heard that they gave 3 camels for the bride which is a reason for great celebration, for his part the young man will receive a goat to start a herd and will accumulate more for raising animals. showing us some dance steps  to the Turkana rhythm and I already wanted to dance with her, do you dance with me?

Africa is the poorest continent in the world but paradoxically it is at the same time the richest: unique and wild animals, incredible ecosystems, non-stop curiosities, and above all a great ethnic wealth … there is no more interesting place since in this huge continent there is thousands of tribes that differ by culture, customs, language and beliefs. And a fundamental part of the culture of a town is undoubtedly its cuisine, so we are going to quickly prepare a traditional and a good shoko. I invite you to my kitchen:

And now if we return to the Turkana village where the wedding of the bride and groom is about to begin and around a large bonfire we sit on the arid land and share the stew celebrating the joy of living.

Did you know that in this region of Africa there are few, if any, wells developed for community and drinking water, and families often have to travel several hours in search of water for their livestock and themselves.

The Ryan’s Well Foundation grew out of the commitment of a boy, Ryan Hreljac, who learned about the great need for clean water in developing countries in a first-grade class. With the support of his friends, family and the community, Ryan raised enough money to build a well in Africa. In 1999, when he was seven years old, Ryan’s first well was built at Angolo Primary School located in northern Uganda. While Ryan began raising funds for drinking water projects in 1998, the Foundation was only formed in 1998. in 2001. Since then, Ryan’s Well has helped build more than 1,277 wells and 1,245 latrines that provide safe water and improved sanitation to more than 924,010 people.

If you are interested in knowing more about this topic and helping, go to: see link:


I don´t know what you were doing at age 7, I was playing with dolls, and imagination and it surprise me that these boy saw a necessity and found a way to make it better, wow, what do you think?

Well, this is how we leave the African continent today, we will travel every week to another corner of this wonderful world, to know, enjoy and fly with the imagination, I wait for you at the same time every …… if you liked the content, share it with your friends and give me a like, ALTERNATIVE REALITY A UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT SPACE THAT CREATES COMMUNITY….

We make a difference. I invite you to know the ONCE foundation that works with visually impaired in Latin America: www.foal.es

Until next week and thanks for traveling with me.

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