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Calgary, Alberta


Calgary, Alberta


Home of the world’s largest rodeos in the Rocky Mountains


Before starting today’s tour, I want to remind you that Alternative Reality is a unique and inclusive project that seeks to give a space to all kinds of people, including visually impaired and people with hearing problems, in addition to helping very different causes for give something in return in this our world. You can enjoy our content on any of the platforms and I ask you to help me share the link and invite your people to subscribe in order to increase the ranking of this project that seeks to give you a space different making community.

episode transcription

Hello, it’s nice to greet you, I’m Yael Yancelson and it will be a pleasure to do this paradisiacal and adventurous tour with you, so close your eyes if possible, breathe, relax, give me your hand and let’s travel together with the power of imagination to Calgary in Alberta Canada which is located in a region of hills and plateaus, east of the Rocky Mountains.

Today, Calgary is the third largest municipality in Canada, offering a modern urban culture without forgetting its past. I have realized that the city is very well planned; it is laid out on a grid and has an excellent public transportation system. How about we enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the observation deck of the Calgary Tower that shows us the small-town heart of this fun city full of street festivals, nightlife and endless outdoor activities.Let’s get on the rotating tower 1,288 meters above sea level, and look, if you stand on the glass floor and look down, you can see the city. The Calgary Tower, opened in 1968, was one of the first members of the World Federation of Great Towers (World Federation of Great Towers). During the 1988 Winter Olympics, and was the Olympic torch.

And speaking of Olympics, we’ve got to ski down the slopes, take a sled ride, watch an ice hockey game and take on mountain bike trails, in this park that opened for the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Everything at Canada Olympic Park, just outside Calgary, is built around winter sports. But in summer, there is also a lot to do.

If you are adventurous there is a bungee ideal for children, or you can if you prefer ice skating on an indoor rink, play mini golf and take sleigh rides. There is a wide variety of mountain trails for all levels of biking and then take on the fastest zip line in North America which has a vertical drop of over 100 meters (300 feet) – I will definitely jump on it come on!!!! !

Another very adventurous activity is snowshoeing in Kananaskis Country, which is walking with aluminum frame snowshoes, these fit into normal snow boots and hiking poles will help us keep our balance. In this beautiful snowy landscape we can find deer, hares and coyotes, so pay close attention to the tracks of the snow.

The Calgary Stampede is the city’s most well-known event, attracting more than a million visitors with its 10-day rodeos, music and agricultural displays. Let’s see the horse riding contest with carts, Chuck wagon derby, and the fun bull riding competition. is completely transformed, look how the inhabitants are wearing the typical cowboy hats!

They tell us that in 1912, the American promoter Guy Weadick wanted to create a rodeo in which the best cowboys of the American continent would meet and financed by four investors, he was able to make his dream come true. Seven years later, in 1919, the festival was started to remember the fallen in the Great War. Thus, it became an annual event by merging with the Calgary Industrial Exposition and named the Calgary Stampede and Exposition. In 1923, the first wagon races were held.

At night we can go, if that’s okay with you, to the Jubilee Auditorium to enjoy a Broadway musical, an opera or a ballet- let’s see what’s on the bill.


It is interesting to know that the city has one of the highest standards of living in the world and was classified as the best city to live in. In addition, Calgary was also considered the cleanest city in the world in a survey conducted by Forbes magazine.

Calgary is also the gateway to ski resorts like Banff, Canmore and Kananaskis. It’s also close to the Alberta Badlands, a wonderful region of bizarre rock formations, paleontological finds and ghost towns, which are always different and interesting places to visit.

And this is how we leave this fascinating region of the world, sure that we will return very soon. If you like to cook stay here and join me in the kitchen, click on the button or if you prefer keep traveling.

Thanks for traveling with me and I wait for you every week in one more episode, how do you know Alternative Reality is a project that seeks to build community by contributing to different causes, I found that the Calgary Homeless Foundation has focused its research efforts on issues such as poverty and housing and launched an affordable housing strategy for all those homeless, if you are interested in learning more about it, go to their page: www.calgaryhomeless.com

as I always tell you: by helping others, we mainly help ourselves.

Thanks for traveling with me and see you next week!

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