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Elba, Italia

Octopus Soup

Our friend Luca takes us on a beautiful tour, to see the view from the funicular, enjoy a delicious limoncello and try the traditional octopus soup.

episode transcription

Hello, what a pleasure to greet you, I am Yael Yancelson and I am very excited to be your guide and companion in this magical journey through the senses and imagination.

In this episode we are going to do a very, very beautiful trip, as we grabbed our imaginative power and quickly took a ferry to Elba island in Italy, so will you join me?

Italy is the fifth most touristic country in the world. Famous for its beaches, Elba is of volcanic origin and has an area of ​​only 225 square kilometers. On this beautiful island in the Tyrrhenian Sea you will find everything a traveler wants: ancient villages, sea, beach, sailing, trekking, hiking, horseback riding, diving, fishing, cycling, golf, tennis, mountains.

Fishing villages that merge with medieval forts in the north of Italian Tuscany, make this trip something really beautiful, don’t you think?

Tell me if you have already been here? For me it is the first time and I am surprised by so much beauty.

Did you know that the most famous habitant of the Island of Elba was Napoleon Bonaparte, since during his exile from 1814 to 1815 he lived in this villa of Inmulini, we are going to visit it.

We disembark in Portoferraio and when we get off the ferry, Luca is waiting for us, he is a boy that we have found, cheerful and very talkative, he takes us walking through the narrow and rustic streets, he accompanies us to go up the cable car to Monte Capanni and where we can contemplate the beautiful view of The whole island, see what a beautiful landscape, the crystal clear turquoise water of the sea, take a breath and smell its aroma, it smells like acqua dell elba, a famous perfume that incorporates delicate notes of salt to give us the sensation of the smell of the island and the sea.

He enthusiastically recommends that we make a stop to enjoy a refreshing Limoncello, which is a liquor that is widely consumed here and he takes a sip as a mischief.

Luca is the son of Luciano Casini, a famous chef in the region, who has been serving delicious dishes for many years and teaches us how to cook a traditional octopus soup- mmmm I don’t know if you like it, many people don’t dare to taste octopus, but here it is consumed almost daily and I have to accept that it is one of my favorite dishes, so we go to my kitchen.

We arrive at Marciana, the oldest of the Elba villages, at 375 meters high, it is medieval with narrow streets, squares with fountains and flowery houses, ¿do you want to rent a bicycle to visit Marina Marciana, Baluardo, Porto Azzurro, Campo nell’Elba and Capoliveri, which is where most of the island’s beaches are concentrated? and then we get into the cool and beautiful turquoise sea, we lie down to rest on the beach and admire the nature and beauty of this place.

We continue walking through the pink pavement of the old town, you can see the pastel-colored fishermen’s houses too, the locals tell us that it was Cosme de Medici who gave Portoferraio an importance never reached until that moment.

In fact, here he had a fortress built that Before the Florentines – who called Portoferraio “Cosmopolis” – the place had suffered various invasions, including the Roman one.

Another place steeped in history is the Castillo del Volterraio, on the street of the same name, which connects the town of Río de Elba with Magazzini. It was built by the Pisans during their domination as a sighting spot and today appears as an undeniable goal for hiking enthusiasts and for all those who want to admire a magnificent panorama over the center of the island.The eight municipalities of this splendid island (Portoferraio, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Campo nell’Elba, Porto Azzurro, Rio Marina, Capoliveri and Rio Elba) each one of which seems a small world with unique peculiarities

Barbarossa beach, a diver’s paradise. A destination not to be missed is the emerald-colored Lake of Terranera. And continue discovering paradises …

Well, this is how we leave Elba Island today, we will travel every week to another corner of this wonderful world, to know, enjoy and fly with the imagination, I wait for you and I ask you that, if you liked the content, share it with your friends and give me  a like and a review of your comments because with that you help me a lot to raise the ranking of this podcast, ALTERNATIVE REALITY  IS A UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT SPACE THAT CREATES COMMUNITY…. This space was born from a very personal need to connect with visually impaired and deaf people who teach us that these trips full of music, smells and flavors can be enjoyed in very different ways and that is why I like to think that together we make a difference. . I invite you to know the ONCE foundation for solidarity with blind people in Latin America / and if you would like to contribute, we will be very grateful, visit https://www.foal.es

By helping others we mainly help ourselves and that is why I also found that in Italy we can support Save the children that today works in the reception of migrants who arrive on Italian shores fleeing hunger, violence and war by establishing safe spaces for children in the main arrival points of migrants to Sicily, if you like more information about it and this moves you and makes sense visit: https://www.savethechildren.es/

Until next week and thanks for traveling with me.

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