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These is a unique space created for you who enjoys learning about new places, trying new flavors and discovering musical rhythms. You`ll find detailed descriptions, transcriptions and subtitles so any person will be able to enjoy it.

It is a totally inclusive podcast where everyone, including the visually impaired and people with hearing disabilities, will be able to use their senses to the fullest, finding a unique and different digital space.

Through music and imagination, we will discover the world on the platform of your choice.

It is about generating a dialogue between the guide and the listener, creating a community that contributes and helps. In each episode we will learn about different causes and charities to be able to make a contribution, giving back something in return so that together we can make a difference.

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Let’s cook together

Discover the flavors, smells and textures in the kitchen with Yael, every week a new recipe and the step by step of traditional food from around the world.

When we help others we help ourselfs 

ONCE Foundation for Solidarity with Blind People in Latin America (FOAL) works to promote the full educational, social and labor integration of people with visual disabilities in Latin America; It also promotes actions to improve the rehabilitation of people with visual disabilities, recreational and sports activities, research and application of new technologies aimed at the field of visual impairment. In Alternative Reality we are sure that by helping others we help ourselves and that is why we expose different causes to support. We are very closely interested in contributing to communities of visually impaired and deaf people since they have taught us that a project as an Alternative Reality, can be enjoyed in very different ways and with the senses with which we have the privilege of having and that is why it was born this podcast.

Fundacion ONCE América Latina FOAL
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