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Ceviche is a typical dish of Peruvian cuisine and has been so successful that its flavors have spread to other Latin American countries. There are many versions of ceviche and it is impossible to say that only one is correct, but this time we will share with you a Peruvian ceviche recipe that tries to rescue everything traditional from the delicious original ceviche of Peru.

Many enjoy ceviche or ceviche on its own, but you can also accompany it with delicious side dishes. In this case, we have used sweet potatoes, sweet corn and some lettuce leaves to give some freshnes to it,

ingredients for peruan ceviche



 1 pinch of pepper

 1 kilogram of fish of your choice

 1 onion cut into julienne

 ¼ cup cilantro leaf chopped

 1 chopped yellow pepper

 1 chili pepper chopped (to decorate)

 12 lemons

 1 pinch of salt and pepper

 1 cup of fish broth

To accompany:

 1 parboiled tender corn

 1 parboiled sweet potato (sweet potato or sweet potato)

 1 bunch of lettuce leaves




The first thing you must do to prepare the easy Peruvian ceviche recipe is to squeeze the 12 lemons to extract their juice, save it for later. Then, cut the fish into pieces of approximately 3 centimeters. Place the pieces in the container that you are going to use to serve the dish. Mix the fish with the chopped yellow pepper, the fish broth and the cilantro. Also place the onion cut into julienne strips and the crushed garlic. Let it rest for a few minutes so that it marinates well and is impregnated with all the flavors. Season with salt and pepper to taste and place the parboiled sweet potato, lettuce and the sweet corn on one side of the plate, also boiled. Then, pour the lemon juice all over the plate so that everything is well covered. Finally, cut a slice of red limo chili pepper and place it as a decoration. Reserve it in the refrigerator to cool down, since this is a dish that is served cold.

Peruvian gastronomy has traditional dishes such as ceviche, chicken rice, huancaine potato, Arequipa ocopa, chanfainita, red noodles, cau-cau, among others. The typical dishes of Peru are the result of mixed race

and the influence of Africa, Spain, Italy, China and Japan. Typical Peruvian foods are usually spicy and well seasoned, as they use garlic, yellow pepper, and aromatic herbs such as oregano and huacatay as main ingredients. In addition, the main dishes are usually accompanied with potatoes and rice.

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