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The famous tea time

Before starting, I want to remind you that alternative reality is a project born from the heart, with the idea of being inclusive and supportive of people who live with hearing disabilities, who have taught us that this space can be enjoyed in very different ways and that is why that you can review it on the platform of your choice, in addition to knowing different causes throughout each episode to help and leave a grain of sand on this wonderful planet. Click on the disabled icon to see all the navigation options and adjust the one that suits you best.

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episode transcription

Hello, I am glad to greet you, I am Yael Yancelson and today we are going to a vibrant city full of history, tradition, and a lot to see. We arrive in London in the United Kingdom, so breathe, close your eyes and let yourself be guided, we begin.

London is the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom. Located on the banks of the River Thames, London has been an important human settlement since it was founded by the Romans almost two millennia ago.

As you surely know, there are too many interesting things to see in this important city in the United Kingdom, but today what strikes me the most is going to places that I really enjoy exploring on foot and enjoy without rushing itineraries.

So we start this tour in one of the most popular and crowded squares in London, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, and the first thing we see there in front of us is the imposing monument that recalls the victory of the British crown against the French and Spanish, Date of the year 1830 and was built to commemorate a very famous battle to which the square also owes its name.

The Battle of Trafalgar was decisive in European history because it involved the defeat of Napoleonic supremacy on the continent and the beginning of its decline. The British Crown thus managed to stop the advance and conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Empire.

This corner is characterized by marking the beginning of SoHo, where the most varied commercial life in all of London is concentrated. In Trafalgar Square, we can also visit the National Gallery where we will find an important collection of paintings and sculptures ranging from the mid-13th century to the 19th century.

We continue walking and enter the area known as Soho and there is something extremely curious here, it happens that we can find 7 noses on the walls and legend has it that if you find them all you will never have money problems again. That’s right!: you can’t look at their locations on the map; you have to find them on your own. It is also said that the mold comes from the nose of Rick Buckley, a relevant artist in the British sphere. This peculiar London attraction was designed by Tim Fishlock, a prestigious London artist, who wanted to give the landscape a small human trait to offer a new look at the city. He then designed several life-size ears and noses and distributed them throughout the city. It is a very curious neighborhood to walk around, with a very different atmosphere from other streets in London, don’t you think? London’s Soho is a center of entertainment, a very varied area with a lot of shops, offices, bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, clubs, live music which I have enjoyed a lot, and cabarets. We have been highly recommended to go for a walk at night because when the sun goes down the streets turn red, very special.

From there, nothing better than going to my favorite place in this city, which is CAMDEN TOWN.

I love how the entire neighborhood is full of shops, tattoo studios, restaurants, and markets with stalls selling curious objects. Visiting Camden will allow you to experience an alternative environment full of life where we can find the best souvenirs. If you are a person who loves gothic clothing, in these stores you will find thousands of items according to your tastes. If you don’t like the style, don’t be afraid, it is a perfect place to see articles of all kinds and you will surely find something that fascinates you; You don’t even need to buy as the experience of walking around the area makes it worthwhile to simply enjoy the walk. Look at the decoration of the buildings, doesn’t it all have a unique personality and style? As we walk along the main avenue, we will arrive at the different markets and the area near Regent’s Canal where there are thousands of food stalls; one of the most famous attractions in Camden.

This industrial zone housed the nest of the distilleries of some of the best gins in the world and also gave shelter to the manufacturers of soft drinks. The 1960s marked the most significant change in the neighborhood since it was when the cultural revolution began. Rock and psychedelia became fashionable among young people; and music, culture, and politics marked a before and after in the area. Camden Market did not begin to be a market until 1974 when the first merchants appeared. The neighborhood has been home to famous people like Amy Winehouse, which is why we find alternative venues and the best nightclubs in the city. The Stables Market is a market located inside some old stables. These stables date back to when the Camden neighborhood was an industrial commodity zone. Horses were used to extract parts and material goods from trains. The stables, apart from being the area where the animals rested, also contained a horse hospital. Currently, the shops are located between the tunnels and arcades of the old stables. At these stalls, we find a mix of shops selling homewares, food, alternative clothing, and antiques.

The Camden Market sells fashionable clothes for all tastes, in which you are sure to find something that you like. In the past, the distilleries were located in this area. Camden Lock Market has more jewelry, antiques, and crafts, as well as takeaway stalls; This area was where the first merchants began to market their products. The Inverness flea market specializes in shoe and souvenir shops where fruit shops used to be.

We have to enter CYBER DOG here, this alternative and psychedelic store is located in the heart of Camden, specifically in Stables Market. Look how at the entrance of the store there are two huge metal statues in the shape of a futuristic robot and the interior is decorated with neon lights as if you were entering a ship. The store specializes in futuristic fashion and neon clothing. While we walk looking at the curious objects, we can find gogos dancing and music at full volume. A fun way to buy, right?

Then let’s go to the CAMDEN ARTS CENTER, an art gallery that concentrates on exhibitions of contemporary art and seeks in a very original way to involve the visitor in the ideas and processes of today’s artists. Finally, how about we take a boat ride THROUGH THE REGENT’S CANAL that was built to link the River Thames with a huge branch for the transport of goods. Nowadays it goes through parks, the London Zoo, and Camden. It is without a doubt a quiet and picturesque walk that I enjoy taking to escape the urban hustle and bustle.

Here it is already the famous tea time so if you like to cook click on the button or if you prefer  keep traveling.

And that is how we leave this beautiful and interesting region of the planet with the desire to return. We will travel every week to another corner of this wonderful world, to discover, enjoy and fly with the imagination, I wait for you every Friday and I ask you if you like me to share the content with your friends and give me a like and a review of your comments because with that you help me a lot to raise the ranking of this podcast, ALTERNATIVE REALITY A UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT SPACE THAT CREATES COMMUNITY. We make a difference. And as I always tell you when helping others, we mainly help ourselves. If you want to know what the Include Me Foundation does for the labor and social integration of people living with intellectual disabilities, go to the link: www. includeme.org and if you are moved and interested, check how you can support this interesting project.

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