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Managua, recipe


cheese soup



To eat and cook, we are going to visit the fritangas, which are spaces where various fresh dishes are offered, among the most common are: slices with meat, maduro with meat, roast chicken, enchilada, stuffed potatoes, tacos, slices with cheese, fresh barley, cocoa and chia with tamarind. There are other typical local dishes and drinks such as: bay horse, rice with gaspar, sour milk, nacatamal, beef baho, pork with cassava, beef soup, chicken soup, soup tripe, waffles, canton sweet cookies, simple cookies, pío quinto, drunken soup, tres leches, syrups, icacos in honey, delicacies, balls or nougat (crispetas), shaved ice, chicha from the seven broken, pinolillo, pozol, punch, corn and wheat gruel and hard gruel.

Nicaragua is a coffee-producing country and therefore Managua is home to places to enjoy delicious quality organic coffee, which I cannot miss!!

We will cook a traditional cheese soup



½ kg of corn dough

½ kg of grated cheese

1 ½ chicken broth

1 liters of milk

5 garlic cloves

4 chiltomasque is a sweet chili from the region

3 onions

1 tablespoon annatto

1 branch of cilantro chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

1 egg






In a pot we put enough water and boil the ingredients of the soup, then when it is boiling we add the corn dough with the milk so that it thickens a bit.

Separately, in a bowl we knead the corn dough with the grated cheese, the beaten egg, salt to taste and make donuts.

In a frying pan we fry the donuts with enough oil, once ready we serve them with the soup.


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