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Costa Rican gastronomy arises from the confluence and contributions of 3 very different cultures: that of the Native American peoples, the Spanish, and the African. It is therefore the Creole of a mestizo cuisine where the foods that were used in pre-Columbian times are combined with the Spanish Mediterranean influence and that has just taken shape with the contributions of the African peoples who arrived on Costa Rican soil as a result of the trafficking of slaves in past centuries. As a curiosity, if at noon they offer us a “Casado”(married) to eat, we should not be alarmed, since it is often on the menu of the day. It is usually a dish combined with rice, beans, meat, salad, and fried plantain. The vigorón is the traditional dish of this area, prepared with chopped cabbage, yucca, pork rinds, and meat, seasoned with chimichurri, chopped tomato, sauces, and vinegar, and served in tropical almond leaves. An extraordinary recipe with chicharrón, very colorful, fresh, and quick to prepare is this vigorón, which is usually used by Costa Ricans in celebrations and meetings.



1 large cabbage finely chopped

1 kg of pork rinds

1 kg of cassava chopped into cubes

2 finely chopped onions

1 kg of chopped tomato

10 lemons


salt and pepper


The vegetables are washed very well, the cabbage is finely chopped, the tomato, the onion, the yucca, and the pork rinds are added on top and then the lemons are squeezed, you can add salt and black pepper at the end. It is served only as an appetizer. An easy and quick dish, ideal to continue with the adventures!

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