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In Newfoundland and Labrador, food is an integral part of the culture. The province is known for its delicious fresh seafood, and meat dishes, and the famous Jiggs dinner, also called boiled dinner or cook dinner, which is a traditional meal usually prepared and eaten on Sundays in rural areas were the favorite meal of Jiggs, the central character of the most popular comic strip and here are his ingredients:




I kg corned beef

2 boiled peeled potatoes,

2 carrots, peeled cooked

1_4 of cabbage,

1_2 kohlrabi, peeled, cooked

1 bag of peas

a bunch of collards

1 teaspoon mustard


canned cranberry sauce




The vegetables are cooked in salted water and cooked separately. The pea porridge is cooked in pudding bags submerged in the broth created by the meat and vegetables. Serve everything and mix mustard seasonings, and beets previously marinated in cranberry sauce with a little melted butter and served on the side or on top of meat and vegetables.

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