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In today’s episode, we are going to tour the city of Oslo in Norway, accompanied by our guide Fabiola, an interpreter of Mexican Sign Language, and before flying with the power of imagination and being able to enjoy this tour, I want to tell you what we are looking for in This podcast is first of all to create a community that helps and to be able to raise funds so that people with hearing problems have the help they need and that is why we need this project to reach a lot of people to achieve the objective, so it is extremely important that you subscribe to the youtube channel, https://youtube.com/@realidadalternativaincluyente all together and with lower case letters, that you make comments on the page and that you share this project with all your people, the more it grows, the more we can help and that it is what interests us most in AR. It is also a project that seeks to give you a space to learn about different histories, cultures, uses, customs, music, art, and gastronomy from around the world and learn something new in each episode.

episode transcription

Hi, I’m glad to greet you, I’m Yael Yancelson and today we’re flying quickly with the power of imagination and senses to the capital of Norway, the city of Oslo, which is undoubtedly one of the most restless and interesting cities in Europe. that breathes, close your eyes if possible and you are not doing anything else, give me your hand and let yourself be guided, let’s begin!

Remember that Realidad Alternativa is a project that comes from the heart, with the idea of ​​being inclusive and in solidarity with people who live with hearing disabilities, who have taught us that this space can be enjoyed in very different ways and that is why you can review it at the platform of your choice, remember that we already have a Mexican Sign Language interpreter and on our page, you can have accessible navigation and adjust it to your needs by clicking on the disability icon, all this so that you can enjoy each tour to the fullest and also that we will know different causes throughout each episode to help and give something in return on this wonderful planet. Subscribe for free on the page www.realidadalternativamx.com.mx and travel every week to another corner of this wonderful world!

With its interesting Viking past, Oslo, which was a logistic and political center, has become in recent years a vibrant destination in which art, music, and architecture are surprising with their exuberance and modernity. Look around you and you will appreciate it!! !!

The first thing we can see when we arrive at Oslo Central Station is the main street Karl Johans Gate, which runs through the heart of the city. In this almost two kilometers long avenue, we see the Cathedral (17th century), the Central Market, let’s see buildings from the 19th century and early 20th century that house important institutions such as the Parliament and the University later we will see the National Theater in the one feels the presence of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, author of A Doll’s House (1879), whose museum is located a few streets away and we can also visit.

We walk through the beautiful Royal Palace in the parallel Kristian IV Gate where the Historical Museum and the National Gallery are located. The first contains antiquities, ethnographic objects, and Viking ornaments such as the Hon Treasure (9th century), the largest found in Scandinavia. The Gallery is the largest art gallery in the country, where the most important Norwegian art up to World War II is exhibited, with masterpieces such as Munch’s most famous Scream.

 A ten-minute walk from the center is the Rådhusbrygge Wharf, which is presided over by the City Hall, a building from 1950 where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year.

Directly opposite, where the shipyards used to be, Aker Brygge represents one of Oslo’s new entertainment areas. It is always lively thanks to shopping malls and numerous bars and restaurants that offer salmon and cod stews so we can stop and enjoy a bit. In recent years, the cultural offer has expanded with the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, the work of the architect Renzo Piano. There are also novelties on the opposite side of Aker Brygge, where the peninsula extends that dominates the Akershus fortress, of medieval origin, although converted in the 17th century into a Renaissance palace. There the new Museum of Norwegian Architecture and the National Museum of Contemporary Art are erected.

Now let’s walk along Rådhusgata Street, one of the longest and most elegant in Oslo, bounded to the north by the Akerhus peninsula and connected to Biørvika, another old port district that today has become a benchmark for 21st-century Oslo, the main protagonist is Without a doubt, the very spectacular building of the Oslo Opera, which was completed in 2008, which is a reflection of the most avant-garde Norway and we have to walk on the roof to complete the experience! From the top of the building you have the best panoramic views of this very modern area of ​​the city and its new buildings, so let’s take advantage of taking several pictures!


And if you are a fan of winter sports, immersed in a large forest on the side of a mountain that borders the city, you have an essential appointment with the imposing Holmenkollen ski jumping stadium. The impressive Holmenkollen jump has a structure of 69 meters high built from 1200 tons of steel. Despite the fact that the track has more than 120 years of history, it has been reformed up to 18 times and the current track is a modern version that was installed in 2010. Located at the base of the jumping track, the Museum de Esquí was founded in 1923 to narrate 4000 years of the history of skiing, including exhibitions on the evolution of the Olympic Games throughout history, or the materials used for the Nadsen and Amundsen polar expeditions.

Enjoying the landscape and the fjord aboard a traditional sailboat is a beautiful experience to admire the Bygdøy peninsula and navigate the network of canals that extend almost to the center of the city and we can also try a delicious buffet of fresh shrimp from the area!!!


And now with the power of imagination, we will travel more than a thousand years into the past to see the ships of the 9th century in the Viking Ship Museum

After touring the waterfront, it is worth taking a bus, tram, or metro to the east of the city, where a multi-ethnic neighborhood is located that concentrates much of the nightlife. It also highlights the Gamlebyen (Old Town) enclosure, located where medieval Oslo was located and today you walk between half-timbered houses and cobbled streets.

I love this area full of street music, alternative pubs, exhibitions by local artists… The Grünerløkka neighborhood is the most modern area of ​​Oslo and an excellent district to get to know the other side of the capital. During the 19th century, large factories and houses for workers began to be built to the northwest of Oslo, giving rise to the Grünerløkka neighborhood. Its proximity to the Akerselva River led to the expansion of industry in this district and it soon became a working-class area. As the Industrial Revolution passed, the neighborhood became a residential area for working-class families. In this environment, the young Edvard Munch was born and raised. Visiting Grünerløkka is like traveling back to the childhood of the famous Norwegian artist, and although the houses where Munch lived cannot be visited, the buildings still maintain their original façade. Throughout the 20th century, the neighborhood underwent a strong transformation and became the main center of urban art that, as you know, I really enjoy because it gives an interesting vision of the daily pulse that is lived in each city. The streets of the neighborhood were filled with graffiti and murals, vintage clothing stores opened on the main avenues, and the neighborhood was filled with street musicians.

Currently, Grünerløkka is a benchmark for nightlife and a party area, so enjoy the atmosphere!

And that is how we leave this beautiful and interesting region of the planet with the desire to return. We will travel every week to another corner of this wonderful world, to discover, enjoy and fly with our imagination, I wait for you every Friday and I ask you if you like me Share the content with your friends and give me a like and a review of your comments because with that you help me a lot to raise the ranking of this podcast, ALTERNATIVE REALITY A UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT SPACE THAT CREATES COMMUNITY. We make a difference. And as I always tell you when helping others, we mainly help ourselves. If you want to know what the Include Me Foundation does for the labor and social integration of people living with intellectual disabilities, enter the link: www. incluyeme.org and if it moves you and interests you, review how you can support this interesting project. If you are hungry and like to cook, click on the button or if you prefer, keep traveling.

If you haven’t done so, subscribe for free on the page www.realidadalternativamx.com.mx and on the YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/@realidadalternativaincluyente and travel every week to another corner of this wonderful world! remember that it is extremely important that in order to help people who live with hearing disabilities to get aids, implants, spaces, or therapies, you join this project and grow this beautiful community of people who help and give something in return, you just have to subscribe on the channel and the page and share the links to reach many more!! help me do it. !!!Thank you for traveling with me, until next week!! I want to thank Fabiola Ruiz Bedolla, our Mexican Sign Language interpreter, and all her team of collaborators, as well as a very special thanks to Mercedes Obregón, director of the Pedagogical Institute for Language Problems, IPPLIAP. Thank you for joining this project and all of you for making it possible!


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