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Prague recipe




Prague is a beautiful city located in the heart of Europe, due to its age and geographical position, Czech culture has been influenced by other peoples over the centuries, and its gastronomy has been no less. Czech gastronomy has a wide variety of dishes, mainly based on stews and soups with good use of potatoes or vegetables. Among the famous soups in Prague is Zelnacka, which is customary to eat in all homes in the Czech Republic. This time you will enjoy a rich soup made with vegetable broth, cabbage and pieces of bacon and these are the ingredients:



250 g cabbage in brine


10 g dried mushrooms


50 g dried plums


20 g fat


2 tablespoons of flour


2.5 dl of sweet cream




an onion




bay leaf




ground red paprika



We clean the dried mushrooms and put them in hot water until they are soft. Then we cut the mushrooms into pieces and introduced the chopped cabbage and dried plums. Cover with a liter of water, add salt, cumin, bay leaf and cook until the cabbage is soft.

Separately, dissolve the fat over heat and sprinkle with the flour. We remove it for a while until it is golden. Then we cover it with cold water, cook for about five minutes, pour into the soft cabbage and cook for about ten minutes.

In a frying pan, fry the onion cut into small pieces in oil, add ground paprika and pour into the soup. Cook for a while longer and at the end season the soup with sweet cream.

We serve the cabbage soup with bread and we can put fried pieces of pancetta in it too.

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