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Tel Aviv

From Bauhauss to Startup Nation

An unbeatable journey where modernity merges with art and culture between beaches, spices, architecture and good musical rhythms.

Hello, what a pleasure to greet you, I am Yael Yancelson and I am very excited to be your guide and companion in this magical journey through the senses and imagination.

In this episode we are going to have a very nice and interesting trip, as we grab our imaginative power and quickly take a plane to Israel.

And we are located in a modern city, full of life and a lot, a lot of technology. That’s why  this little corner of the planet has been known in recent years as the startup nation and I really don’t know if you know it, but here in Tel Aviv, countless technologies, applications, companies have been born that have made our day to day easier.

Gad, originally from Tel Aviv has been very kind and takes us for a walk through this bustling market, in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and known as shuk a carmel, I don’t know if you love markets as much as I do, but without fear of being wrong I believe that on each trip one should visit at least one market, it is right here among so many smells, colors, flavors that we measure the pulse of a city and get to know its culture and its people more closely. Check out these spice stands !!! Wow, Gad, our friend gave us a taste of zaatar and advised us to buy some fresh dates, halva which is a delicious sesame sweet and I, who am a fan of nuts, buy some delicious pistachios.

But look at the quality of the olives and so much fruit and vegetables, wow!

We are leaving behind a huge palette of sounds, flavors, colors and smells, to continue walking along Shabazi Street, which is the main artery of this neighborhood, undoubtedly being the most bohemian of this city, Bauhaus-type buildings, art galleries, graffiti, coffee shops design and stores with the latest trends.

Let’s stop at this art gallery while we listen to one of my favorite singers: Idan Raichel: he is an Israeli singer and musician. He achieved great fame in his native country thanks to his musical project known internationally as’ The Idan Raichel Project and distinguished for its fusion of jazz, ballads, electronics, and traditional Ethiopian and Sephardic music.

We spoke with our travel companion, Gad of the Bauhaus style, and that is why he brought us to what is known as The White City, Here on Rothschild Boulevard, where I tell you that I have lived one of the best Raves of my life- concerts like this in the street on a hot summer night with non-stop dancing, you know that fascinates me !!! In short, this area is a World Heritage Site, it is a set of more than 4000 Bauhaus-style buildings built since 1930 by Jewish architects of German origin who emigrated when the Nazi party came to power in Germany.

These architects adapted this style to the Mediterranean climate and the heat of Tel Aviv, building white and light-colored houses, small windows, narrow balconies and sloping roofs.

And I don’t know if you already got hungry, but after so much walking I already craved a traditional Falafel, so if you are ready, I invite you to my kitchen:

Well, after this delicious lunch, I am honest with you, a weakness that exists in this country is its chocolates, especially there is an ice pop that with so much heat is served for dessert, it is called shokobo and it is a portion of solid milk chocolate from the best quality, covered in vanilla ice cream and covered with chocolate and almonds ¡mmmm! What a delight- try it and tell me what you think.

We talked at the beginning of the tour that Israel is a country with an infinity of technological developments that is why we got to know the company M system, which was in charge of saying goodbye to the floppy disks that were used in computers in the 90’s and introduced us the way to be able to save files on a small device and transport it – if you think about it, isn’t it just extraordinary? The company in charge of manufacturing the first USBs was the Israeli company M Systems and that is why I was interested in taking a walk around here. These small objects were created in the mid-90s, and had the capacity to store 8, 16, 32 and 64 megabytes. Those capabilities are very easy today, but at the time, they were extremely useful and amazing. 

Did you know that another of the many things that were created right here in Tel Aviv, was what in my opinion is one of the most impressive applications that exist and is Waze, which is a social transit application that offers you the best route to get to your destination, this thanks to a satellite location system that operates in real time. This wonder was created by Uri Levin, Ehud Shabtai and Amir Shinar, 3 Israelis who in 2013 sold their invention to Google for nothing more and nothing less than 966 million dollars. Today it is estimated that millions of people in the world use Waze.

And companies and developments that surprise us continue to appear, modernity in this region is something that has surprised me a lot.

As you well know in Alternative Reality we are very interested in knowing what support exists in humanitarian issues in every corner of our beloved planet, this time I found what the urban clinic of the Hebrew University does in order to develop skills, instruments and knowledge on urban planning for early childhood in various cities of the country through various initiatives: a network (the Peer Cities Network) of nine cities, a master’s degree taught in four universities, and the creation and dissemination of policy documents on how they can play, learn and live young children in cities.

I found a very different and interesting project, if you want to know more check this link: https://en.urbanclinic.huji.ac.il/urban95-planning-young-children.

And well, before leaving this city, full of life, what better way than to lie down on one of its beaches, watch people – look how the exercise culture is here, you don’t see that in Mexico, you see how there are gyms in various areas of the beach? People really enjoy working out here and then taking a nice dip in the warm sea. It’s hot, right? But how delicious to rest on this deckchair on the shore of the famous Mezizim Beach: a quiet and family beach.

Well, that is how today we leave the city of Tel Aviv in Israel, we will travel every week to another corner of this wonderful world, to know, enjoy and fly with the imagination, I wait for you at the same time every week and I ask you if you I liked the content, share it with your friends and give me a like and a review of your comments because with that you help me a lot to raise the ranking of this podcast, ALTERNATIVE REALITY A UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT SPACE THAT CREATES COMMUNITY….

We make a difference. I invite you to know the ONCE foundation for solidarity with blind people in Latin America / and if you like to contribute we will be very grateful …….www.foal.es

Until next week and thanks for traveling with me.


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