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Feel the imagination, smell the sea breeze, taste the musical notes, and see the tranquility. Alternate Reality, going through the screen to come to your senses.

Hello, hello, nice to greet you, today I’m especially excited because I can’t believe that we’ve already had 30 chapters and 30 episodes in an Alternate Reality. Thanks to you, thanks to your preference we continue to grow day by day, and today instead of taking a tour of a specific place, many people have asked me to explain how to navigate the website and that is what we are going to do, let’s go to take a tour now if you entered the Alternative Reality page so that you can get the most out of it.


So what occurred to me is to guide you here through the page that is as you know www.realidadalternativamx.com.com, this is the page, yes? and you can see a little about me, a little about why this project was born, which, as you know, was born from the heart with the idea of ​​being supportive and helping very different causes, this podcast was born out of my passion for world music, to discover new places, for knowing new recipes. I love to cook, I love to travel and discover new parts of the world, and besides, helping people with different abilities was born from my heart and finding a niche for them where they could feel comfortable, where they could enjoy all 5 senses, with the senses that each one of us has and take advantage of the imagination to travel.

I mainly invite you to subscribe and it is totally free.

As you can see, you can enjoy this podcast on different platforms, we have YouTube, Spotify, and the Facebook page, which is a growing community, and I thank you.

There is the part about a little about me, where you can read a little about my story and why I do this and then we go to the episodes section, in episodes, you can go to the Index to go by continent and go to the one that you like the most. draw attention or you can go looking for each episode as I told you there are already 30 and every Friday one more is added, but this Friday I feel like taking an internal trip.

We have Louisiana in the United States, Brussels in Belgium, the Island of Java in Indonesia, a truly magical place, Albi in France, Elba in Italy, TEL AVIV in Israel, Oaxaca in Mexico, and South Africa where we visited the Turkana tribe and it was very interesting. , the Amazon in South America, we also went to Quebec in Canada to Mérida in Yucatán Mexico, to Lijiang China, we went to Reykjavík in Iceland which was a very different trip with many adventures, we visited Washington D.C in the United States, we went to South America to Santiago de Chile, we have gone to Egypt to Luxor, to Colombia specifically to Bogotá, to Lisbon in Portugal a beautiful place that we enjoyed a lot, to the island of Molokai in Hawaii to the Auckland region in New Zealand, to Calgary in Alberta also in Canada, to Chiapas in the south of Mexico, to the city of Lima in Peru, to Madagascar in Africa, to Buenos Aires in Argentina dancing the tango, recently we went to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, we went to Venice which was a wonderful trip a  romantic, very beautiful in Italy, Cyprus which had a lot of acceptance, people were fascinated to visit this remote place in Europe and last week we visited Guatemala. As you can see you can go deeper and deeper into each episode, let’s say you want to go to Venice in Italy, then you click on the image and you get to the episode, (sorry the volume of the video was turned on), you can read the full transcript of the episode in case you don’t you listen well or you need to reinforce that part then you read and you can strengthen and accompany with the images of the Youtube video or if you want to see only the Youtube video and in this part (little box) the subtitles are displayed and in configuration select the language of the subtitles that you want and you are reading at the same time as listening to everything that I am talking about.

I ask you to leave your comment that as I was saying is very important in the comments section and click on it to publish it, that helps me a lot. And well, as I was saying, you can listen to it on YouTube to see the images in case what you need is reinforcement or you don’t listen or you are simply more visual, you can see it on this channel if you only want to listen to it and you are much more audible or you are in the car or in the office at work, and how it is very descriptive can be enjoyed by someone who does not have the facility to see correctly. If we click on the recipe, the first recipe will be displayed, which was Africa, and then you can enter the entire recipe section of each episode or go to the one that catches your attention the most and always, as you know, we help a cause, in this case, it was the Include Me Foundation and if you click on it, the page of that institution is displayed, in each episode, we are reviewing other foundations, institutions or causes and we simply put it so that you know what different organizations do to help and if it beats you, it resonates with you, you want to help because there you will see where you can do it or simply knowing what people do to help different causes in the world and further down this other subscription section.

I’m going to go back a little, almost when the episodes end it says see recipe, you click on it and if what you like is cooking, the typical dish of the region comes, where we see all the instructions, the ingredient book and the step by step to know the recipe and I always ask you to post it on the FaceBook of @Alternative Reality and there if you post the photo of your dish it will be a very rich and pleasant conversation and also in this section if you post your comment specifically about the recipe and you can go back to the episode.

Now if what you like is to cook, you go to the recipe section and check the one you fancy the most, we have Jambalaya from Louisiana, waffles from Belgium, Octopus soup from Elba Italy, the Gado-gado from Indonesia, the sandwich Croque Monsier from Albie in France, the Falafel from Tel Aviv, we have a good mole from Oaxaca, the Shoko from South Africa, the Acai bowl from the Amazon, we have the poutine from Quebec, the papadzules from Mérida, the wonton soup from China, we have the Fiskapua from Reykjavik which is a fish soup, the delicious lobster rolls from Washington, Pino empanadas from Chile, we have the Full Madame from Luxor Egypt, the Bogota fritters obviously from Bogotá, the Bacalao a Bras from Portugal, we have the Lau lau from Molokai, the Pavolva that I know my friends from Auckland love, the Beef Hash from Calgary, the typical ball tamale from Chiapas, the delicious Peruvian ceviche from Lima, the koba which is a dessert from Madagascar, the very traditional in the streets of Buenos Aires Argentina, and l Khuzi from Dubai, the Bigoli in sauce from Venice, we have the Mahalabia from Cyprus which is also a dessert and the Pepián Guatelateco and as I told you this is going to become your favorite recipe book by region, if you want to perhaps have a meeting with some theme of a country because here you have some interesting ideas.

In the flags, you can change the language to English or Spanish. And this is the community that is to subscribe to.

Now something very important and I wanted to talk to you because I have been asked a lot is the facilities of how to navigate for people with disabilities. Then they click on the disabled icon and it will tell you to explore what you want, an accessibility screen is displayed, we change the language and it is a text reader, if you click on it then it will read the text aloud and then you can adjust the volume, the language and the voice, there is a magnifying glass with which you are going to zoom in on the screen, there is the readable font that converts the fonts on the site to more readable fonts for some people and they are easier to read, the description of the images every time you click on an image it will say some description, here the links of the site are highlighted they are put in a more vibrant color to recognize, the headers of the site are highlighted, there is a way to make it more readable still and a virtual keyboard that allows users to type using their mouse, you can change the background and contrast, change to white with dark letters in case it bothers you, you can increase and change the color of the cursor, and adjust the font, the you font size, line spacing, word spacing and adjust cursor.

We do all this to make it a fully accessible page that everyone can enjoy, that is the intention, that is the DNA, the soul of Alternative Reality. I hope you can take a moment this weekend instead of traveling to other parts of the world, traveling to the interior of this page, browsing to see how you can live an accessible experience, buttoning it, enjoying it in different ways, and also putting ourselves in the shoes of others and see how someone with a disability can navigate this page, enjoy it and listen to it, read it in very different ways and play around here to see how it suits you how you feel comfortable to navigate, share it with people you know who can enjoy it and can take advantage of.

I’ll tell you, for example, that my daughter recently needed my daughter needed to do a high school project, she needed to investigate a specific country and this site was helpful for her, as a reference, so here’s a tip if you want to do a task, a specific job and we have it in this episode menu, welcome!!! I hope it works for you, that’s the idea. Travel with the imagination, travel with the 5 senses, listen to new music, be accessible so that people with disabilities can have this niche for you, so that you can navigate, travel with the imagination, and grow a lot, that is the intention and always help a community.

I also tell you that on Spotify, now I show you, on Spotify, we have this page called Alternative Reality Music, follow it and you will be able to have all the music from all the countries we have visited, every week many songs are added and we have many more than those used in the program that due to time and YouTube policies we cannot put so much music but here in an Alternate Reality public music playlist we currently have 385 songs that are more than 26 hours of music from all over the world And every week more are added. So there you have a precious playlist to put in the car at work, in the office, in the kitchen when cooking, in a meeting, there is very beautiful music from all the countries that we are visiting and from there you go to the Reality page Alternative podcast and here comes each episode, follow us too and enjoy it in an audible way.

I hope you like this brief tour of the page, a project that grows day by day, please help me share it if you know someone who you think can benefit from this project, share the link, I will love it if you invite them and spread the word about it.

Dra a different space, interesting data, that you relax, that you enjoy it, leave a little knowledge in each person that fills my soul a lot if what you like is the music that you dance and sing and meet new artists in the world if what you like is to cook that is a reference of recipes that is growing every week for you and if what you like is to travel then what better than doing it every Friday together.


Thank you very much, as I say they are the first 30, let’s go for thousands more for every corner of this planet that offers us wonderful options, and see you next week.

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